False Eyelashes


False Eyelashes


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False Eyelashes


How to apply: 1. Delicately remove the lashes from their tray. 2. If they are too long, trim the excess length from the outer-eye corner. 3. Apply the adhesive to the band with particular attention to the inside and outside corners. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry and thicken to ensure optimal adhesion to the eyelid. 4. Apply the faux-lash to the base of your natural lashes, working from the center towards the corners of your eye. If desired, apply mascara to blend the faux and natural lashes. How to remove: 1. Apply makeup remover to the base of your lashes using a cotton swab. 2. Delicately peel the faux-lashes off, starting from the outside corner. 3. Remove any excess adhesive from the band of the false lashes. 4. Put them back into their tray until the next time!